15 Facts About Me

I never thought that I would love the black & white trend. As a friend of mine pointed out, “You love colors!” And I do. When I go shopping, I always gravitate towards colors, so for me to continue wearing black & white is just a big surprise, not only to my friends — but a surprise to me!

I saw this challenge online, and I thought I would take part in it.

Day #1 is supposed to include a recent picture of yourself and 15 random facts.

  1. I’m proud to be Filipino – American. I love my heritage, but I also love my new home. 
  2. I got in trouble at a movie theater once for taking a picture of the opening credits.
  3. I’ve owned three different Toyotas – a Solara, a Camry, and a Highlander.
  4. I graduated cum laude with my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 3 1/2 years.
  5. I’m a tad bit OCD. Okay, I lied. Scratch off a tad bit.
  6. When I was 7, I got sent to the principals office for kicking a boy in the face.
  7. A drawing I did with a poem I wrote in elementary school got published.
  8. I played clarinet, piano, & bass guitar in high school.
  9. I secretly love watching the Disney Channel and rock out to Shake It Up’s theme song.
  10. I own over 300 pairs of shoes. Ummmm . . .
  11. I don’t know how to swim, ride a bike, or do a cartwheel.
  12. I used to love singing & dancing and performing at parties.
  13. Since I moved here in 1995, I’ve only been to the Philippines twice.
  14. I had N Sync posters on my wall growing up.
  15. I didn’t start wearing heels until my college years.

I had a hard time getting to 15! :)

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