fuzzy chicago sweater

Shoes: Forever 21, Dress: Target, Sweater: Charlotte Russe,
Bracelets: Rue 21, Earrings: Gifted, Belt: Forever 21 }

After Mia’s birthday, we flew to Chicago to visit with my husband’s family for a week. My husband was also a groomsman for one of his college friend’s wedding. Our trip consisted of shopping and a lot of eating. I definitely missed Joy Yee’s in Chinatown, and I just wanted to order everything off the menu to make up for lost time! We also hit up Giordano’s and Portillo’s, and I was always in a food coma!

Thinking that since it’s already June in the windy city, I packed summer clothes, except for this fuzzy top. Sure enough, there was one day when it was raining and the temperature dropped a little. It was the perfect time to wear the top. I didn’t want to be too bundled up because I would probably stand out in the crowd. I mean, 60 degrees in The Valley is a cold front. That temperature is BBQ perfect weather for Chitown.

chicago sweater chicago outfit sweater and skirt motherly pose 2

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