It’s funny how life changes once you have a child. I remember when we first got married, everybody was telling us that life was going to change and that it was going to be difficult the first few years because then you’ll really get to know someone. My husband and I were together 5 years before we got married, and now we’ve been married for 4 years. The transition from dating couple to married couple was not that difficult.

With Mia — it’s definitely a change! My mom has been very supportive. She watches Mia while my husband and I do Crossfit. And over the weekend, she watched Mia while we went out to a bar for his friend’s birthday.

At 28, I actually joked around with my friends and said, “I’m too old for this.”

The music at the bar / club was way too loud for me. By 11 o’clock, I wanted to lie down on the couch that I was sitting on and sleep. I drank one glass of vodka with cranberry juice, and I didn’t have the urge to drink anymore. (Designated driver.) The whole time I was just worried that Mia was going to wake up and look for us.

And she did.

My mom texted at 12:30 that she woke up and started screaming for her dad. We drove home ASAP. We picked her up, and as soon as her dad had her in his arms, she opened her eyes, looked at him, smiled, and went back to sleep.

It’s definitely different.

But it’s great.

I mean, look at that smile!

And when she kisses you and makes the “mwah” sound, even better!

mia in her floral dress

And here’s our little Mia Toots in her OOTD, hamming it up for the camera!

Dress: Janie & Jack, Shoes: Janie & Jack, Hair Tie: Children’s Place, Earrings: Zales


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