On Me { Shoes: Report, Dress As Top: Ross, Blazer: Cotton On, Scarf: c/o FRAAS via Lipton }

On Mia { Shoes: Toms Infants, Dress: Carter’s, Hair Tie: Claire’s }

On June 25th, we received a phone call that my mother-in-law’s sister passed away. She needed someone to accompany her to the Philippines, and my husband volunteered. The only problem was that I had just had surgery and was not allowed to pick up anything greater than 10 lbs. Mia is already 27 lbs.

We made the decision to go with my husband if two issues resolved. I needed to be cleared by my surgeon to travel (which he did, with the same restrictions & to walk around every hour while on the plane), and Mia needed to get an emergency passport issued. At 10 months old, we hadn’t applied for her passport yet.

What ensued was a whirlwind!

At 8 am, we received the news. At 10 am, we attempted to find a nanny for the two weeks that I was going to be alone if my husband had gone by himself. At 11 am, I was seeing my doctor to be cleared for travel. At 11:30, I cleared the issue with my employer’s benefits department. At 12 noon, we were talking to a travel agent regarding ticket prices. At 1 pm, we still hadn’t found a nanny on such a short notice. At 2 pm, we were at Walgreens to take Mia’s passport picture, just in case. At 3 pm, we were at the post office getting all the forms that we needed. At 4 pm, after still not finding a nanny and needing make a decision, we decided to purchase the plane ticket to Dallas to make an appearance for Mia’s emergency passport. At 4 pm, we arrived home to pack. At 5 pm, we were driven to the airport by my father. At 6 pm, we checked in and waited at our gate. At 7 pm, we boarded the plane. At 8 pm, we arrived in Dallas.

The next day, we went to our appointment at 9 am. We went back to pick up her passport at 2 pm.

We left for the Philippines the day after. A journey that consisted of multiple plane rides, the longest being the 14 hour journey from Dallas to Incheon in South Korea, where Mia could not get a bassinet due to the number of families requesting. It was definitely difficult traveling with a 10 month old for 14 hours. We used the tray table as her makeshift bed at one point in time. We took turns having her sleep on our lap.

We stayed in the Philippines for 10 days.

It has been tough for my mother-in-law these past several months. In October, she lost her youngest son at age 24 due to a motorcycle accident, and last month, she lost her older sister. It was good for her to be with family, and I’m glad that we were able to accompany her and make sure she was okay.

I wore a variation of this outfit during the journey home. I didn’t get to take any outfit pictures while we were there, but if you follow me on social media, I posted what I could when I found wifi (which was challenging being in the province).

airport comfort shoes airport full outfit outfit with baby mia holding precious

Egg By Susan Lazar Shopping Spree Giveaway!

Facebook Friends / Twitter Followers have the opportunity to win a $100 Egg by Susan Lazar shopping spree. All you have to do is post pictures of your child(ren) dressed in the Egg by Susan Lazar Spring / Summer “A Country Summer” collection (currently available on the website) doing their favorite summertime activity on Egg’s Facebook / Twitter pages during the contest running dates from May 6th to the 15th.

Rules: Contest applicants MUST like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter. If posting to Facebook, images MUST have Egg by Susan Lazar tagged in the picture to enter. If posting on Twitter, tweet MUST include twitter handle @eggbysusanlazar and hashtag #ILOVEEGG in order to enter.

Here are a few of my choices from their collection for Mia Toot’s to wear:

mia's toots

L to R (Top Row): Basic Dress ($36), Two Piece Suit ($40), Ruffle Skirt ($40), Jersey Girl Tunic ($35)
L to R (Bottom Row): Dress ($62), Romper ($54), Tunic & Cover ($60), and Bubble Dress ($42).

Their winter collection is also on sale at this time, so be sure to check that out!

mia's toots 2

These items are on sale between $20-$30, so go check them out also!

To Enter: Follow on twitter! Check out their collections on their website!

Disclosure: The scarf was provided courtesy of Fraas via Lipton. No other monetary compensation was provided for this post. The giveaway is for your information, no monetary compensation was provided, nor was I provided courtesy of products for review. 

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