{ Shoes: Ankara from Justfab || Pants: Charlotte Russe || Shirt: Forever 21 || Top: Cotton On }
{ Shoes: Ankara from Justfab || Pants: Charlotte Russe || Shirt: Forever 21 || Top: Cotton On }

Guess what!? I got a new camera! I know, a long long time without it and I sincerely apologize to everyone about the lack of photos. I know in previous posts I said I was going to update with the images but I unfortunately had a corrupt SD card… Who knew. Anyway, back with some new outfits and I will actually have images of me wearing them now. Thank you everyone for sticking with it.

When I first saw these sandals, I knew I had to have them.

They’re very similar to a pair that Zara released last year. I tend to miss out on Zara pairs, so when a company that I actually have access to releases a version, I always pounce.

The heels don’t have a platform, so if you’re not used to wearing heels, they’re not the best “beginner” heels to start off with. I tend to stay away from open toed sandals because growing up, I’ve always had an issue where my feet start to sweat when it’s too hot or when I get nervous.

With this pair, I added some insoles from Aldo that help absorb any sweat that comes from my feet, so that my toes won’t slip out from the front. (The heels I feel are true to size. I just sized up knowing that I was going to have to put the insoles in order to wear them and not slip out the whole time.)

Aesthetic-wise, I absolutely adore these heels! I think they’re the perfect statement pair to wear for when you just want to dress up an otherwise plain and comfy outfit.

Comfort-wise, I had an issue with the ankle straps. The back kept cutting into my heel, which is why I ended up tucking in my jeans into the back to help shield any more rubbing of my skin while I was at work.

I hope that with more wear it’ll finally “break in” so that it won’t cut me anymore. I really love how they look, so I would like to be able to wear them some more in the future.

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