mens wear

When I wore this top, I received so many compliments. One of the doctors was talking to me, and she stopped mid-sentence to say she liked the top. Then one of the unit clerks told me it was cute, and then one of the nurses agreed with her. And the most random one? I was walking into Walgreens to buy pens and the cashier told me how much she loved it. And my response to all of them, “Thank you! Forever 21!”

Yes, I love Forever 21. And yes, I’m usually a walking billboard for their clothes.

Their shoes, on the other hand, I have a love / hate relationship with.skirt oops

We’re trying to patch things up slowly, but it went sour the year that I bought boots whose heels broke literally when I got off the car the first time I wore it. I tried to get credit at the store, but they told me that since I stepped on the ground already they couldn’t take it back.

I really wanted to say, “Well, I only stepped with the right one. Can I return the left?”

Oh! And this is my version of men’s wear . . . with sequins. 

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