Cheer America Weekend

After being cleared by both of our physicians, Mia and I were able to go to Houston with the rest of the family for her cousin’s Cheer America competition. We had hip-hop Friday (where she’s part of 2 groups), and then cheer Saturday & Sunday. They ended up losing 3 people at the last minute, so their routines were changed the day of the competition. My niece, who is a perfectionist, was moved from one spot to another, and she was so worried that she wasn’t going to remember all the new steps. In the end, she did amazing and ended being the base of a girl who’s bigger than her. Oh, and did I mention that she has a sprained right middle finger and had to wear a splint? You couldn’t even tell that she was bothered while on stage.

Out of the 3 days that we were there, we had to wear the Stallions shirt, so this was the only “outfit post” that I was able to freestyle. I brought 4 pairs of heels with me and was only able to wear one! I had to make sure to wear the highest one! But I love these Jessica Simpson heels. For the height, they are very comfortable!

We didn’t have a lot of free time, so it was all cheer and hip-hop all the time. We actually had 45 minutes to visit The Galleria, and I ended up going home with nothing.

Can you believe that? I went to a mall without buying anything! I think I’m *this* close to sweet talking my husband into getting the Celine Luggage Tote or the YSL Cabas Chyc for me though. We just didn’t have the time, and I just showed it to him on the way out. He actually liked both! :)

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