Guess Who’s Back? Back Again

guess who's back















Shoes: Shoedazzle “Cameo“, Dress: Material Girl vis Macy’s,
Cardigan: Old Navy (long-sleeved shirt), Clutch: Old, No Brand }

I was gone for about 2 weeks (the last few posts were scheduled), but I’m back in the blogging world!

I could make all sorts of excuses — how work has taken over and how being a working mom has taken a bit of time to get used to when it comes to time management & multi-tasking — and they’d all be true, but I won’t.

I mean a LOT of mothers out there are working moms and a lot of mothers out there are busy, and yet, they still find time (one way or another) to do something that they love — this blog includes two things that I love. I enjoy writing (sharing random thoughts with you guys), and I enjoy posting my outfits (some you like, some you don’t.)

I decided to revamp the site and put up a new layout. I really liked the bow that came with this theme, and I decided to keep it. I love the color scheme and how the posts are individualized. I hope you guys like it!

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