While I was in high school, working out and eating properly was not an issue. I played competitive basketball and also worked out during the summer and offseason with our camps. After I graduated, my friends kept talking about the “Freshman 15″, which is usually the weight that people gain during their first year in college, especially the ones who were in sports and are no longer in sports for college. I was so scared about gaining weight that I ended up with the opposite of what would be Freshman 15. I lost 15 lbs my first year because I was running daily, not eating after 6, and taking Trimspa.mangoes for health

One day at work, I started having really bad cramps in my stomach. A cardiologist was rounding, and he noticed how sluggish I was. He told me to go to the ER and get a work up done. They found out that my potassium level was at a critical low. It can be attributed to my excessive workout and Trimspa. I ended up getting potassium replacements and was discharged home with orders to eat as many bananas as I can. I haven’t had that problem since, but I also ended up gaining all the weight that I lost during nursing school. It was your typical case of munching trying to stay awake while cramming for an exam. After nursing school, I lost some of the weight for my wedding. After my wedding, I gained it back, then lost it, then gained it back again during my pregnancy.

It’s been a year since I gave birth, and I realized that I really need to take care of myself better. If not to fit into my older clothes, but so that I can have enough energy to run after and take care of Mia now that she’s in her “discovery” phase. I recently joined a local Crossfit here in my hometown, and I’ve been going at least 4 times a week. On the days that I don’t go, I try to run at home. I also joined Fitness Pal and have chronicled all my calorie intake. It hasn’t been easy, but I hope to not only lose weight but to get in better shape.

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