Navy Blue & White

Two of my absolute favorite items, and I’ll tell you the story behind both of them.

I have been searching for polka-dotted sweaters.

I really had my eye on the H&M one for $59.95 or the one I saw at Lucky Brand for $99.00. The prices made me a little queasy though, so I could not get myself to purchase both. While I was with my mom at JcPenney one day, I saw this in the juniors section for $10. Before I knew it, I was in line paying.

The shoes are from Shoemint. I’ve been a member for a while, but I’ve never really bought anything. I’ve always loved the shoes they’ve released, and I always put something in my cart. I just never actually purchsed anything. That is, until I saw this pair all over instagram. It reminded me of those Alexander Wang heels that I passed up while “window shopping” at Barney’s with my husband. (I think the price tag might have had a lot to do with that one, too.)

I toyed with the idea of getting this pair. I had it in my cart for the longest time. I talked to my husband about it. I reasoned with myself about it. I think his response was what made me purchase it. He actually said he liked it. Getting my husband to say that he likes a pair of shoes that I want to purchase is like snow in South Texas. It doesn’t happen a lot . . . maybe once every 80 years.

So this is what I ended up wearing to work today . . .

What I wore to work

polka dot navy blue and white

semi casual white heelies

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