Pops Of Black With Color

The fit of laughter was brought on by my husband’s antics. I usually complain about how I have to twist his arm to take my pictures, and that he always has a sour look on his face when he does it. This time, he started climbing the jeep, crouched in a photographer like stance, jumped up and down, and made arm gestures to prove that he’s enjoying every single second of my outfit shoot. I just couldn’t help but laugh, and although some people’s laughter translates so well in still life — mine, does not. It’s just more awkward than when I have my hands on my waist, always unsure on what to do with my arms and legs.

I signed up to work extra this weekend even though it wasn’t officially my weekend. I usually do it when I feel energized and am not too tired after a 12 day stretch. I mean, since I already worked 12 days straight, what’s one more, right? Comfort was the main concern for this look. I decided to go in to work around 6:30 that day. Our usual time is 8:00, so that I could work straight and come home early.

If you don’t count the bag, my jeggings are the more expensive part of this outfit. I think I purchased it from Macy’s a couple of years ago for $14.99. The sweater top with the faux leather sleeves I got on clearance from JcPenney for $10. And my favorite part of the entire look? The pair of Zara heels that I snagged for $9.99 when I went to Austin. It was the last pair, and it was surprisingly a size 37. Even the man behind the register said, “We never have shoes this price!” I think for the price, he probably would’ve gotten a pair for himself. (And I’m sure he would have rocked the pair. He had an amazing style!) :)

EDIT: I do apologize that I don’t have any photos to show for the outfit. I am working on getting our camera fixed and having the SD card changed. I will update this post in the future when everything is sorted out! Sorry!

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