Print Mixing It!

Classic top that I will print mix with the bottoms
Classic top that I will print mix with the bottoms

leggings print mixing with classic top outfit

Top it off with some cute sandals
Top it off with some cute sandals

There was a time in my life when I looked forward to spring break. It usually meant an outing to the beach with a few friends, staying up all night, drinking & clubbing, and then lounging out in the sun the next day. It also meant being on the bridge to South Padre Island for at least 3 hours just to get to the condo that we rented for 3 times the normal price . . . simply because it’s spring break.

Gone are those days.

I didn’t even know it was spring break until my drive to work was cut 15 minutes because of the lack of traffic from cars dropping off their kids to school. That’s what got me excited about spring break this year.

I guess it just means that I’m getting older . . .

. . . and my style has changed quite a bit in the past year.

Before I started this website, I probably wouldn’t even dare do print mixing.

To be quite honest, I won’t even dare to buy green polka-dotted jeans — skinny . . . jeans. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be taking pictures in front of our house, dodging traffic while making sure that I stopped doing the “hand on the hip” pose. (Whoops!)

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