Shoe Love

My fascination with shoes started fairly young, when I would attempt to wear my older sister’s heels and walk around doing the beauty queen wave. At that time, it was a game to me. I was playing dress up for fun, not necessarily thinking that in 10 years, I would own hundreds of shoes, all of which have a place in my heart.

I was closer in age to my older brother than I was to my sister. My brother and I are 6 years apart, while my sister is 10 years older than me. Although it was fun to play dress up with my sister, I also played “gun fights” and “army” games with my brother. I would follow him around and force him to teach me how to play basketball.

After a couple of years, my fascination with heels turned into collecting basketball shoes. When I was in junior high, I joined the basketball team, and you would often find me in Champs or Foot Locker looking at the latest basketball shoes released. I wanted to collect gym shoes, and I somewhat did.

Before I started college, I met my husband. At first, it was just a crush. As I got to know him, I found out that he dated older girls. He likes the corporate attire when it comes to women. I’m thankful that he does. Otherwise, I’d probably still be wearing denim skirts all year round with a “message” shirt and lime green tennis shoes. He opened my eyes to the other side of fashion. I started shopping at Express, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor more. It helped broaden my horizons, and I began my journey  . . .

I still love color. But I’ve learned to incorporate color into my look in a different way than I was doing before. I still love gym shoes. I wear them once in a while but mostly to work out or to go hiking.

I started buying heels when I was 19. Before that, my first brush with a pair of heels was for my friend’s 15th birthday party. I had to drag my boyfriend (at the time)’s sister to help me buy heels.

Now, I have no problems finding the perfect pair for me!

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