Sleeveless Trench

Pre-post note: I am getting increasingly frustrated with our camera problem. I have been wearing outfits that I love but the camera won’t work anymore. We try to fix it, get a glimmer of hope, and then still nothing. I will probably have to end up buying a new one, which I really don’t want to, but for now, I guess I’ll just post photos of the actual material I wore. Sorry again, readers.

I was excited that the weather cooled down a little bit. Well, enough for me to wear this sleeveless trench without having to sweat like crazy from the usual Rio Grande Valley heat.

I got the shoes during the Bakers closing sale. I didn’t even know that they were going out of business until one day, I saw people rushing in and out of the store. As soon as I passed by, I saw all these boxes on the floor with everybody trying on several different pairs and having so many boxes next to their seat.

Then I saw the sign, “Going Out Of Business, 70-80% off.

It was like survival of the fittest took over, and after 30 minutes, I was walking out of the store with 5 pairs. To be honest, I think I could have walked out with more, but my husband became my voice of reason. There were 3 pairs that were similar to something I already owned that I wanted to take home with me.

He actually picked this pair, and it’s one of my favorites now! :)


sleeveless trench skirt

leaopard heels

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