The Trusty “Belted Dress”

belted dress nycA belted dress to accentuate your waist line and some classic heels with an updated touch is always a great look, in my opinion. It’s especially a great comfortable look that’s perfect for a shopping outing.

Well, in my case, it’s perfect for me!

My friends and I decided to visit the closest Forever 21 in our area (which is an hour drive away) and do a little bit of shopping. My husband was nice enough to accompany us and watch Mia while mommy did a little bit of retail therapy. Mia even joined in the fun by picking her own tops . . .  from the sales racks.

As usual, I did a little pre-game and scouted the online site for a few items to look out for. I do this when I visit F21 because it’s such a big store, and to go through every section and look through all the racks would probably take hours, if not days, to accomplish. Sadly, most of the items that I choose to save on my ipad to take with me were all new arrivals and none of them were in stock.

I did, however, go home with a few items that I’m happy I found! :)

Do you like to browse the site ahead of time before hitting up F21?

purple belt vince slippers

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